Biomedical Research Consulting/Collaboration

We are a group of biomedical researchers that provide biomedical research data consulting services to biotech companies, academia and organzations. We strive to enhance our offerings to enable biomedical researchers to maximize their output. Some of the services that we provide include:

  • Biomedical study design
  • Microarray & next generation sequencing data analysis
  • Data curation
  • Hypothesis generation
  • Machine learning/AI applications
  • Textmining & natural language processing
  • SNP/Biomarker analysis
  • Gene expression, pathway and gene ontology analysis
  • Small RNA / miRNA sequence snalysis
  • Reference sequence alignment & analysis
  • ChIP / epigenome sequence analysis
  • Precision medicine and drug discovery

    Our Team

    Dr. Raj Chowdhary (Cofounder)

    Dr. Rajni Sahu (Cofounder)

    We have experience working with biomedical researchers worldwide (e.g. Harvard Univ, UW Madison, NUS and others).